olecranon fossa locking plates left and right type

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2017-8-31 · Part of the DePuy Synthes Locking Compression Plate (LCP®) System 3.5 mm LCP ® Distal Humerus Plates Surgical Technique

Humeral Shaft Fractures - Trauma - Orthobullets

(OBQ12.66) A 26-year-old right hand dominant male is involved in a motor vehicle collision and sustains the left humerus injury demonstrated in Figure A. The brachial artery is disrupted and requires urgent attention in the operating room. The patient's preoperative nerve evaluation demonstrates that the patient is unable to initiate extensor carpi radialis longus, extensor carpi radialis ...

Distal Femur Fractures - Trauma - Orthobullets

Distal femur fracture , psychiatric patient (C101105) Trauma - Distal Femur Fractures HPI - Patient had a fall at home and sustained a distal femur fracture.

FESSH 2018 - Program

Anomalous or accessory FDS muscles in the palm are rare, but when present they can be painful and interfere significantly with hand function. We present the case of a 28 year old male mechanic who presented with a painful swelling over his right thenar eminence following a road traffic accident.

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2007-12-30 · Questions/Answers 2007 ----- 001.

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